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Dr. Humar Khan honored as amongst Nature's 10 most influential scientists of 2014
News > Update      |      Posted: December 18, 2014 19:42:46pm GMT
Dr. Sheik Humarr Khan - Principal Investigator, ACEGID

In this year's devastating outbreak of Ebola, Sheik Humarr Khan played a unique part. He was a scientist — part of the team that performed the first genetic sequencing studies of the virus in his native Sierra Leone. He was an infectious-disease doctor who turned down an invitation to leave his country so that he could stay and treat patients. He also became one of its many victims, dying on 29 July.

Ebola brought devastation to Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia as it ballooned into an epidemic during 2014. Khan was the lead physician at Sierra Leone's Kenema Government Hospital, where he was treating and studying Lassa, another potentially fatal viral disease, until the hospital was overwhelmed by people with Ebola.

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