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From left to right: Jessica Uwanibe, Fehintola Ajogbasile, Paul Oluniyi, Judith Oguzie

The African Centre of Excellence for Genomics of Infectious Diseases graduated four of her Masters Students during the 9th graduation ceremony which took place on the 28th September, 2017 at the Redeemer’s University, Ede, Osun State. It was a great experience for the graduates during their 18 months program at the Centre of Excellence and in the University community.

Find below some comments and experiences of the graduates during the last Convocation ceremony:


"My master’s program in ACEGID was an interesting experience, from international exposure during the ACEGID summer training at Harvard University to hands on wet lab trainings and research projects. The rapport between lab members and staff is heart-warming, making the centre a home away from home. The quality of research has also influenced my decision to stay back and pursue a PhD degree, which I will recommend to anyone interested in this field of research."

Jessica Uwanibe, PhD Student 2017/18 (Molecular Biology and Genomics)


"My M.Sc. programme in ACEGID was a great experience for me! I was exposed to a new field of research that I didn’t know much about before and I had the opportunity to work under the supervision of a world-renowned scientist, Professor Christian Happi. During the course of my programme, I had the opportunity of attending summer trainings fully sponsored by the centre at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and Harvard University (USA) and this gave me the opportunity to meet, learn from and rub minds with scientists at the forefront of research in my field and acquire relevant and cutting-edge skills. I also had the opportunity of visiting other African countries namely Cameroon and Senegal to train graduate students and faculty members thereby helping me develop my capacity not just as a scientist but also as an instructor/teacher. All these together with a number of other trainings and the opportunity to be taught by world-class lecturers and faculty members made my Master’s programme a very enriching and enlightening experience. I had the opportunity to carry out cutting-edge research in computational biology, using computational tools to understand the genetic diversity of HIV-1 in Nigeria and West Africa, in a very conducive/mentally-stimulating environment, well-equipped laboratory and with supportive mentors and colleagues."

Paul E. Oluniyi, PhD Student 2017/18 (Molecular Biology and Genomics)


"My period of study for my master’s degree was simply amazing and has greatly impacted my life! I had access to world-class laboratory facilities, a conducive and enabling environment, and fantastic lecturers and researchers as mentors. This is nothing short of a miracle given the nature and challenges unique to our African environment. I was exposed to high quality research and education right here at home (on African soil), that normally would have meant travelling abroad and a high school fees!

Also, I had the privilege of attending various trainings both within and outside the country at places such as Harvard University and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard (places I would have only imagined to be in my dreams) during which I had the opportunity of meeting and interacting with the best brains in the field of genomics of infectious diseases. These trainings and exposure has completely empowered me and changed my life forever! Such an experience I cannot quantify or explain in words. I am just so grateful for these opportunities."

Judith Uche Oguzie, PhD Student 2017/18 (Molecular Biology and Genomics)


"There were many factors that brought me back to Redeemer’s university after my B.Sc. programme, among them, the opportunity to study infectious diseases from a different perspective.

Over the past two years, I have had the opportunity to work with prominent researchers in the field of molecular biology and genomics as well as being directly supervised by Professor Christian Happi from whom I have learnt a lot! Also, I had the opportunity of attending several trainings both within and outside the country such as Harvard University where I was able to meet and discuss with “superstars” in my field of research.

I value the opportunity to study in such a rich and diverse environment and to this end, I have decided to further my knowledge in genomics of various infectious diseases by enrolling in a PhD program in molecular biology and genomics at ACEGID in Redeemer’s university. Who knows where I go from here, but it’s all very exciting!"

Ajogbasile Fehintola Victoria, PhD Student 2017/18 (Molecular Biology and Genomics)

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